Somber Shadowz (sombershadowz) wrote,
Somber Shadowz

The children's funeral was Saturday. Quite heart wrenching said my father. Sunday my dad flew back here with my aunt and cousins. There is still so many unanswered questions.

I started my job Monday. Been working from 2-8pm basically. Today is my day off, thank goodness.. I'm silly I don't usually take breaks at work, or sit my ass down. So i'm on my feet the entire time, stocking the cooler and shelves. I'm sure getting an upper body work out. *half smile* Friday-Sunday I'll be working from 2-10.. So a full 8 hours! Yay! I get paid next Friday! Yay yay.. Today i gotta get navy blue work pants.. blargh.. And some socks and tennis shoes. My boots are killing my feet. *sigh*

Anyways, I'm proud of myself. My first job, and already my boss wants to move me to register. The weird thing is, she smiled at me yesterday! She NEVER smiles!!!! So i'm wondering what i did.. lol..

It friggen sucked, yesterday mom's blaze broke down.. Then when we went into town after work. On our way home from Wal-mart Jason's driver seat caught fire beneath it. That was the scariest fucking shit ever! We had the two oldest kids with us. I just snatched them out of the truck as fast as possible. I don't know how the stuff under the driver seat caught fire. I'm thinking a cherry from a ciggarett. That's all i can think of.. *sigh*

Well that's my update for now.
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