Somber Shadowz (sombershadowz) wrote,
Somber Shadowz

Omg.. Could it be... An Update?!

Yes, an update from my rather boring existance.

Not like anyone truly reads this anyways... *shrugs*

Anyways! This weekend was absolute chaos. My family decided to go camping at Suagaro lake (*spelling*) Up at Bagley flats. Well it was going okay, until the boat ran out of gas. Then the ski, and wake boarders flying by, causing huge wakes to come and crash our boats into the docks. Breaking our tie downs, and what not. Then they left me all alone with the three brats and a dog. They ran out of gas again! Which left me there, til after dark. Doesn't help that there was a den of javelina behind our camp. It was so freaking creepy! I hated it! And it didn't help that we were ALL Alone! No other campers, or anything.

So i'm freaking out, I don't have my machete, or a very reliable light, or anything else. They don't get back til around 8pm. So i'm scared shitless, I don't want to run into a mountain lion, or wild pig. *mumble*

We didn't catch any fish! My body was sore as hell, after laying on the ground. People tended to be rather rude. Which annoyed me. Then late sunday, we decided to try fishing after we packed up our stuff.. We ran out of gas again!!! Come to find out, our fuel line busted. So.. That could explain the running out of gas, not catching fish, etc etc. So we luckily found some people to tow us into dock. Thank goodness they were nice.. Or we would have had alot of rowing to do.. So in a nutshell.. This was a horrible weekend..

Thank the gods i'm home now... **Hugs her home**
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