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April 23rd 2005....

Was absolute HELL! My father at 10 am, dropped his gf and the kids off at Castle and Coasters off of Dunlap. His gf hears nothing from him.. for four hours.. She calls me around 1 pm.. To have me call my dad's phone.. and see if he'll respond.. He was completely out of it.. Incoherent.. rambling non sense..

He kept saying 44th street and University.. He couldn't tell me where he was, or what he was doing. Then he went silent.. I called the police.. Had all the phoenix departments looking for him.. They finally found him.. around 5 pm.. Near his work... He was star gazing.. basically a zombie.. He did some how manage to get a soda.. and candy bar.. but hadn't eaten or drank.. He had melted chocolate on his arms.. and shit.. My mom and her fiance went out and looked for him.. Sandy was stranded at the amusement park.. God.. it scared the fuck out of me.. I cried so god damn much... You only have one dad! And even though my dad's a butt head.. he is mine.. and i love him to death.. he needs to take better care of himself.. I need him around!!!!!

Well everything is fine with him now.. Only for me to get a phone call tonight.. well early this morning 1 am.. That my cousins whom are 2 and 3 years old are missing in Georgia. They've been missing since 6 pm this after noon.. I'm worried friggen sick.. This is fucking ridiculous.. They called off the search.. because it was too dark.. and they told my uncle if he goes looking they'll arrest him.. They say their worried he'll mess up evidence.. there's a god damn pond at the end of the road! I couldn't sit back helplessly.. and wait.. *sighs* Their accusing his gf.. cuz she's a liar.. I don't know this is weird.. I don't get it.. I hope they are okay....

I can't cope with all this damn shit.. all at once!!! Ugh!!!!!!
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