Slipping Further Down Into The Dark..

Watch Me Fall...

Somber Shadowz
2 July
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Bands- C.O.F., Type O Negative, Seraphim Shock, Vast, Theatre Of Tragedy, Diary of Dreams, Paralysed Age, Switchblade Symphony, Ikon, Incubus succubus, Tool, NIN, Alice Cooper, VnV Nation, KMFDM, Rosetta Stone, Miranda SexGarden, Mission UK, Sisters Of Mercy, 13 Candles, Bauhaus, Nosferatu, Bel Canto, CruxShadows, LeStat, Lacuna Coil, Rammstein, This Mortail Coil, Wolfshiem, Dead Can Dance, much more.
Movies-Interview with the Vampire, Last Unicorn, Legend, Nightmare before christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Vampire Hunter D, Lilo & Stitch, and much more.
Peeps I love- Char, Amber, LeeAnn, Jenn, Anselmo, Matt, Faery, Kyle, Zach, Vinny, Rob, Dylan, Joby, Ada, and family of course,
Dislikes- Myself, Bibles, Preachers, Racists, Egos, Jerks, Druggies, Alcholics, Rap Music, Country Music, R&B Music, Liars, My Insecurities, Being Sick, Teen Pregnancies, Satanists, Whores.. and much more..
a perfect circle, absurd mind, acid bath, adema, afi, air brushing, alice cooper, angels & agony, anne rice, art, bass guitar, bats, beborn betton, bella morte, biting, blindguardian, blood, blue oyster cult, blutengel, bondage, boots, bram stoker's dracula, bruderschaft, camaro, celtic history, cemetaries, chilling, claire voyant, clubbing, clubs, computer games, cradle of filth, daggers, dead can dance, dead or alive, death, death in june, delerium, designing, devision, diary of dreams, disturbed, drawing, edgar allan poe, enigma, evanescence, fantasy, fashion, fear factory, fishing, gary numan, goth bois, goth dollies, gothic fashion, gothic sex, h.i.m., halloween, hanging out, horror movies, ikon, inkubus sukkubus, kmfdm, knives, lace, lacrimosa, lacuna coil, leather, lestat, linkin park, london after midnight, long haired bois, lord of the rings, marilyn manson, midnight syndicate, mission uk, moonlight awakening, moonspell, mortiis, mudvayne, music, my dying bride, nevermore, nightwish, nine inch nails, nosferatu, orgy, ozzy, paganism, painting, paralysed age, piercings, platforms, poetry, rammstein, razed in black, reading, rob zombie, rocky horror picture show, role playing, scarification, seabound, seether, seraphim shock, smile empty soul, static x, super sternal notch, suspiria, swords, tattoos, terminal choice, the cruxshadows, the cult, the cure, the last dance, the used, the wake, theatre of tragedy, theatres des vampires, this mortal coil, tool, tristania, type o negative, underworld, vampires, van helsing, vast, velvet, vnv nation, whips, wings, wolfsheim, writing, wumpscut.